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Girls using weaving learning kits

Here at You Can Learn Kits, we create, assemble, and distribute learning kits that are made here in America. Our kits are designed to teach children and adults the timeless skills of wool spinning, knitting, calligraphy, doll making, and embroidery, just to name a few. We have assembled all of the needed precut materials and tools, along with detailed photo illustrated instructions for each kit. These simple and affordable kits wholesale t under $10 and make great gifts from grandparents, perfect educational tools for teachers, and fun souvenirs for children!

We are a second generation business that has been producing these handmade kits since 2001. In that time, we have sold over 200,000 kits to museums, schools, gift shops, and parks all over the nation. We sell to many fantastic internationally known accounts that were established at the founding of the United States, along with many that are more recent.

If you're new to You Can Learn Kits, we encourage you to fill out the Wholesale Inquiry Form (under the "Wholesale" tab) so we can start working with you to continue educating every generation about these timeless skills! If you're familiar with us, we would like to thank you for your continued support! Keep checking back with us for new products and updates!

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